Cyclone Debbie struck the Queensland coast near Airlie Beach on Tuesday March 28, 2017, at noon as a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone. Over the next seven days, storm and flood damage from the cyclone Debbie system continued along the east coast with storm-related damage occurring as far south as the New South Wales/Victorian border.

Overall, approximately 98.5% of claims for this event are now closed. Residual claims that are open involve complex engineering, are delayed at the policyholders request, or are in dispute resolution. Of the more than 75,000 claims lodged approximately 0.45% have been disputed.

Claim statistics

Last updated on August 8, 2018

Total losses: $1.784 Billion

Domestic: 64,951

Claims lodged by State (%)

Commercial: 10,117

Total insured dollar value of event

Growth in claims over 12 months

Estimated share of lodged claims by region (%)