North Queensland Information Forums

This November, the Insurance Council will be in North Queensland hosting insurance information forums for the community. The meeting will cover many aspects of insuring homes and property in the North of Australia, including:

  • Local issues driving insurance premiums

  • How local mitigation can reduce insurance costs

  • How to avoid underinsurance and claims difficulties

James Cook University (as the independent body) will be providing an update on the North Queensland Strata Title Inspection Program;

  • The North Queensland Strata Title Inspection Program is a three year project that is the development and carrying out of an inspection and assessment program for Body Corporate properties in North Queensland.

  • It will improve the information available to those Body Corporates about a properties susceptibility to weather damage and ways to make properties more resilient.

We’re also looking forward to hearing from the community so we can better understand the issues and pressures being experienced locally. To register, please select your location below!