Key steps to recovery


Safety first

Your safety is the priority. Only enter damaged buildings if it is safe to do so. Do not enter flood waters and always follow directions of emergency services.



Minimise your loss

Protect your belongings. You are required to take reasonable steps to prevent further damage.



Make a claim

Contact your insurer as soon as possible to lodge a claim. 



Create an inventory

Create a list of damaged or lost items.  Items that may pose a health hazard can be discarded after being photographed and keep a sample.



Work with your assessor

Many claims will involve a visit from an insurance assessor.  Working with the assessor will speed up your claim.



Quotes & scopes of work

You may be asked to source your own quotes for repairs.  Review the scope of work carefully and ensure nothing is missing.  If you have concerns about the scope of work, speak to your insurer.



Repairs, replacement, settlement

In large disasters, insurers will prioritise repairs for those most in need and may offer cash settlements.



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