Disaster FAQs


Where are the insurers?

The insurance industry is on the ground within hours of a disaster event so, if your community has been impacted, we’re already there.  Industry representatives will also be present at most community recovery centres and community forums.

My home is not fit to be lived in

Contact your insurer immediately.  If you have building insurance, many policies will provide emergency temporary accommodation.

What do I do with damaged items that smell / are making me sick?

If wet or damaged items (such as carpet and couches) pose a health hazard; take a photograph, keep a sample and discard these items.  Keeping these items is a risk to your health and can cause further damage to your home.

How does a Disaster Declaration affect my claim?

A Catastrophe Declaration means additional resources are made available to speed up claims processing; however, a declaration has no effect on what is or isn’t covered.

Excess: what is it / do I have to pay it?

An excess is the amount you have to pay towards each incident.  The specific amount will be set out in your Certificate of Insurance.  You may be required to pay more than one excess depending on the circumstances.  If you are unsure, ask your insurer.

We lost power and our food has spoiled

If you have contents cover, your insurer may provide a lump payment to cover spoiled food without the need for receipts.

When will an assessor attend my home?

An assessor will visit your property as quickly as possible once you’ve lodged a claim.  That said, following large disasters, access to your area may be limited for several days or weeks.  Your insurer will tell you when to expect your assessor.

I want to use local trades / why is my builder from out of town?

Insurers always attempt to use local trades for repair work following disasters. However, the primary focus is ensuring your home is rebuilt to a high standard.

Tradespersons from out-of-town are essential to ensuring your community is back on its feet as soon as possible.

Still unsure?