On the night of May 10, 2018, heavy rainfall brought significant storm water inundation and limited flooding to the Hobart region and surrounds. Hobart experienced in excess of 130mm of rainfall in 24 hours. The suburbs worst affected were Kingston, Sandy Bay, and Blackmans Bay.

While much of the inundation was from storm water runoff, the Hobart Rivulet is understood to have breached in two locations, potentially causing flooding to low lying commercial addresses.

In response to impact on the community, the Insurance Council declared a catastrophe which enacted the industry's catastrophe taskforce arrangements. Disaster response experts were immediately deployed to the region to assist homeowners and local government. Insurance experts also held a number of insurance forums to provide claims assistance to policyholders.

Claim statistics

as at July 12, 2018

Total losses: $93.4 Million

Domestic: 7,509

Commercial: 739